4.553 How to Train your Robot

January Term 2015

The goal of the course was to provide students with a comprehensive design experience integrating parametric modeling, rapid prototyping and robotic assembly into a cohesive workflow. Over the 2 week course students developed hands-on operational knowledge of rapid prototyping and robotic equipment and also formed a theoretical understanding of the design decisions connecting various digital-to-physical production processes.  

Student Work

This is a project by MIT Civil Engineering graduate student, Mark Tam.  In his final project, Mark designed a laser-cut kit of interlocking arch components that could be assembled automatically by the robotic arm manipulator.

This is a project by MIT Architecture students Xu Zhang and Junjiao Gan. Xu and Junjiao analyzed Eastern and Western calligraphy techniques and programmed a Kuka robotic arm manipulator to test the performance against Junjiao who is a practicing Chinese calligrapher.