Contact: djs2 at alum dot mit dot edu

For my PhD dissertation my research focused on how designers use their hands to think and interact with material and how robotics could enhance and extend this kind of embodied intelligence. I have published on this topic in design cognition and computation journals and at international design and cognitive science conferences.

I was awarded a PhD in Design and Computation at MIT in 2016 working under Professor Larry Sass in the Design Fabrication Group. My dissertation is titled, "Physical Design Cognition: an analytical study of exploratory model making to inform creative robotic interaction." I am in residence at the MIT International Design Center located in Cambridge, MA.

While at MIT I have taught classes on robotics, digital fabrication, and design. I have also led workshops and seminars on mass customization in architectural design. Prior to beginning my PhD program I worked as a research staff member in the Changing Places Group and the Smart Customization Group at the MIT Media Lab.

My background is in architectural design and digital fabrication. I hold a Master of Science in Architecture Studies: Design Computation ’10 from MIT, and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture ’04 from the University of Minnesota.

In my spare time I play the drums in an 80's cover band and recently with the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble. With FJE I had the pleasure to work with Chick Corea recording the CD, Infinite Winds.